get databases :

redis-cli INFO | grep ^db

get and set keys

keys *pattern*

get <key>
set <key> <value>
setnx <key> <value> # Set key value only if key does not exist

choisi une base

select 1

do not persist data on disk

start the server with this config

redis-server --save "" --appendonly no --latency-monitor-threshold 100

test latency

run a big benchmark :

docker exec redis redis-benchmark -q -n 100000

see latency :
docker exec redis redis-cli latency doctor
docker exec redis redis-cli latency latest

manual latency test

docker exec redis -ti redis-cli> debug sleep 1> debug sleep .25> latency latest
1) 1) "command"
2) (integer) 1405067976 # timestamp
3) (integer) 251 # latest latency
4) (integer) 1001 # worse latency